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Ben & Les Photography

Ben & Les Photography

Our Style = Relational & Creative.

Relationships are the most critical aspect to our photographs. We are more likely to become friends with our couples than to simply have a one time business exchange. We like to think of ourselves as a Memory Machine. We capture, preserve, and give memories to our couples. Our work would be described as Relational, Creative, Contemporary, Artistic, Modern, Photojournalistic, Personal, Bright, sometimes Whimsical, always Fun. Our goals are to capture the unnoticed moments, the otherwise forgotten memories, unexpected perspectives, & unique personalities specific to each couple. During our set apart photo shoot time pre and or post ceremony we offer more creative direction to you and your wedding party, taking on a more editorial approach to our photography. Think dramatic lighting, epic skies, romantic moments. We keep things moving and fun with clear direction to achieve the best pictures possible.

A quick little blurb for you to get to know Ben and Les.

I wrote this after returning home from work the night I met Les for the first time.

"So I'm scrubbing dishes in the backroom at Panera Bread when I look up through the porthole, and what do I see? To put it bluntly the most defined, feminine calves my tiny little eyes have ever gazed upon. It was at that moment that I made the executive decision that the dishes were clean enough, and it was time to check on our new guests in the dining room."

We play a lot and laugh at ourselves more often than not. It helps boost our confidence.

We love the show Dexter.
We love Jesus.

Not in that order.

We are both pretty active. I think you have to be in order to be a great photographer. Sometimes you have to be able to climb a tree. Les runs most nights, I am usually doing something that requires balance. Slack-lining, longboarding, rock climbing, etc.

I don't care too much for beer, unless its Founders Double Chocolate Oatmeal Breakfast Stout, then I'm all about it. Les digs Blue Moon.

We are learning to love each other. I think we are learning well. We forgive well I believe -probably two of the best forgivers right here. I refuse to let Les sleep alone. Thats not to say we wont go to bed pissed at each other every once in a while. But when those nights come, and Les heads to the couch, I sleep on the living room floor beside her.

Believe the best in people. It makes a difference.

Enjoy some pictures of Les & I as a couple over the past 8 years...and a baby picture or two :)

-We Travel World Wide.
Getting married out of state? Out of the Country? We can work with you on that. We don't to limit our expertise to just lil Ohio.

-Our Artistic And Creative Vision.
It's the priceless aspect of our work. You can teach someone how to shoot a camera. You cannot teach somebody to be an artist. Our photographs are one of a kind, intentional, stunning, works of art.

-DVD With Full Printing Rights.
We believe our couples should never feel obligated or forced to purchase a DVD of their images. Full rights to print your wedding photographs, yep, we include it :)

-Each Photo Creatively Retouched.
Every single photograph is creativly remastered using pro tools Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop. While many photographers give you images straight off the camera, or charge per picture for this service. We think you deserve EVERY single picture to be perfect.

-Engagement Sessions.
A must! Chose our Natural Session or our longer styled "Get to Know You" Session. During a Styled Session, Ben & Les fully style the shoot with you covering your theme, apparel, accessories, props, color palette, and more. Think your own personal pinterest board exclusvely for your Engagement Session.

-Prices Start at $3200.

Contact Information

Columbus, OH 43085
(419) 271-1306

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